Who We Are.

Mount Joy Church is a Bible believing church that is submitted and committed to loving God and loving people. It is our desire to share Christ as The Way, The Truth and The Life. We are not about building an organized religion but focused on knowing Christ and growing in our relationship with Him.

If you too would like to know Christ in a personal way, please come and join us in the journey!

What We Believe.


To “Love God with all your heart” is “WORSHIP”.


To “Love your neighbor as yourself” is “MINISTRY”


To “Go…make disciples” is “EVANGELISM”




To “Teach them…all things” is “DISCIPLESHIP”


Thank you for visiting our web site. We are a group of people who have partnered with God to promote and facilitate worship and praise under the banner known as Mt Joy. We are grateful to God that He has trusted us with this portion of his kingdom. We are also excited about having the privilege of ministering to you. We are looking forward to and hopeful for your decision to come and worship with us in person.

We have not completely fulfilled our vision. In fact, we are still a long way from where God has called us to be, but that is what we are striving to be. There are many gifts here working to complete the vision, but all of the pieces are not here and engaged yet. Perhaps your gift is exactly what is missing to complete the picture. If so, may I encourage you to come and join us as we seek to fulfill our mission in the Kingdom of God. We have some gifts, already here, that will bless you, and without a doubt, you have some gifts that will bless us. Together we can build the Kingdom of God while God builds us.

As Pastor of Mt Joy, it is my charge to celebrate the person of God, serve the people of God, share the love of God, connect the family of God, and teach the word of God.

Pastor Steve Jackson